Join Us for the 5th Anniversary of Cuban Culture Week!
March 12th to 16th, Evenings from 7-9pm at Las Positas College

Cuban Culture Week is an annual festival hosted at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA. Every year Cuban talent from the Bay Area and beyond gathers to showcase their culture and share a week of fun and learning with the community. All performances take place in the Barbara F. Mertes Center for the Arts on campus including art exhibitions, live music and dance, poetry readings and a discussion panel. Just a short drive or BART ride from most places in the San Francisco Bay Area, this event is completely free and open to all the community. 2012 marks the 5 year anniversary of this festival and so we dedicate this year’s events to Eleggua.


Who is Eleggua?
Every year, at Cuban Culture Week, we celebrate an Orisha which is a spirit or deity from the Yoruba religion. Africans from Yorubaland brought Eleggua and a host of other orishas with them when they were brought to the Caribbean and Americas as captives. Eleggua is a spirit of Chaos and Trickery and plays frequently by leading mortals to temptation and possible tribulation in the hopes that the experience will lead ultimately to their maturation. In this way, Eleggua is a difficult teacher, but in the end is usually found to be a good one. He is identified by the number three and the colors red & black and is seen carrying a cane or shepherd’s crook as well as a smoking pipe.